Step 1

Join the AD Training Academy

The first thing you need to succeed in this self directed PLUS supported journey is to have access to great training materials so you can watch and learn games/trainings and then implement them with your own dog.   You’ll get this and WAY more by joining the Absolute Dog’s Training Academy for about $50 a month.    Learn more about Training Academy here.


Step 2

Follow the Love 2 Play Playlists

When you join Training Academy you will have access to over 300 games!  Wow! That’s a lot–here is where we can help.   We’ve built playlists based on YOUR training struggles that will guide you in the right direction.   Less overwhelming PLUS more support

Step 3

Practice your new skills with my help

Once you’ve worked your way through the Getting Started playlist and started practicing the new skills at home, you can join the Love 2 Play drop in Beyond the Backyard classes.  Come and practice and ask questions with a trained and experienced eye to help you out!




Step 4

Pay as You Go Support as You Need

You can book further drop in Beyond the Backyard classes for $15 each or in person lessons with me for $30 (for 45 minutes) to super charge your progress.   I can also make specific playlists for you for $25 per playlist to help with a specific struggle.

YOU are in control!!!!


Sometimes you need something that fits your schedule.

Sometimes you need in person private lessons and sometimes you need the flexibility of online lessons

Sometimes you need something that is tailored just for you.

Maybe your dog is perfect EXCEPT for your recall.

Maybe your dog is perfect EXCEPT when [fill in the blank].

Private instruction and self directed with support are GREAT options for YOU!