Absolutely it can and does.   Dogs (like all of us) learn best initially in quiet and without distractions.   You wouldn’t teach your child to read in the middle of a basketball game….why teach your dog in a new environment that is hugely distracting?  Get the behaviors first WHERE you want them, in your own home, and THEN when your dog knows how to ‘read’, bring them to the basketball game.

HOW does it work?

A live online class should feel just like an in person class….Explanation, demo, the instructor watches you practice and supports you and helps.  Rinse and repeat.

The advantages?

  • The class is recorded if you need to miss a class (although the class is accessible from anywhere).
  • You get focussed time with your instructor rather than the instructor’s attention being divided between watching practice sessions and making sure dogs are safe and comfortable.
  • NO wasted time driving, no money on gas, better for the environment too!
  • You get to watch your classmates and learn from them too.
  • The class is recorded if you want to hear something again or watch again.
  • Classes are available for people from anywhere (present online students are from Nelson, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Wyoming and New Mexico).
  • Dogs learn in the quiet of their own homes.

What classes are available online?

What?  Working with behavior struggles online?  NO WAY that works!

  • A GREAT instructor can teach YOU without ever having to take the leash.
  • YOU learn HOW to communicate better with your dog.
  • Time for the instructor and you to talk about what is going on, what you want changed without the dog present.
  • Just like with an ‘in person’ private lesson, the instructor will teach YOU how to train your dog.

Your instructor

I have been teaching live online classes for 3 years–multiple classes and multiple private lessons each week.  I have learned how to do it well.  My previous 25 years as a teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students contributes to my ability to observe in the moment.  I have taken hundreds of online classes and know what I liked and didn’t like.   From the ones that I liked, I designed the curriculum for Love 2 Play.


What students are saying:

It’s surprising to me how much I like the online classes—I love that I don’t have to drive anywhere, and I think it is much easier on my dog to do the learning in her familiar surroundings. Zoom is easy to use, and the virtual “Classroom” is great for being able to check in with the videos that remind me what each lesson entails. I like that you seem to be able to work with all of us individually as well. All in all, I think I prefer this way of learning for my dog and me. Thank you.–  CS


Earlier this year, I took four private dog training sessions with Jeanne via Zoom.  I almost didn’t take the lessons because I don’t enjoy Zoom calls. But I’m so glad I did!  The training proved highly effective and together with my daily practice in between calls, they helped improve my and my dog’s behaviours.

The convenience of participating from home allowed me to focus without the distractions normally a part of group training. These calls also saved me an hour and a half commute! What stood out from the get go was Jeanne’s ability to teach on Zoom. Teaching on-line is clearly not the same as teaching in person. It’s a different skill set and Jeanne has it.  It was clear that our training sessions were not her first day on Zoom.  Her comments were focused, clear, and on-topic. 

Jeanne used the video to observe my dog and me and our sessions were recorded so my family and I were able to review videos later on. My dog behaved quite well, lying down when Jeanne and I were talking and being more active when Jeanne wanted to coach specific skills.  

Our 4 sessions exceeded my expectations and they produced positive changes in my dog’s behaviour.  If something pops up in the future and I need more training, I won’t hesitate to have these Zoom sessions.  I highly recommend them.  Thanks so much Jeanne!!  –NB

Client Testimonials

I get personal advice and tips that I can look back to if I missed it the first time.

It’s surprising to me how much I like the online classes.

I can watch the whole class again, seeing what the teacher sees and learning more.

I really love the online classes

My dog can’t pay attention to me when other dogs are around—online classes have been GREAT!

The format and content is excellent, and it is not lost on me how much work has gone into making all those videos!

You can watch the videos explaining the exercises as many times as needed.

Love that you get feedback not only from the excellent instructors, but also the other participants.

Jeanne is a dedicated instructor who has extensive knowledge and experience.

What stood out from the beginning was Jeanne’s ability to teach on Zoom.

Jeanne is so very talented and helpful!

I love all my classes with Jeanne,  especially the online ones

For the human, Zoom classes are just as interactive as in person classes, but MUCH easier for sensitive dogs

I've learned so much and plan to sign up for more classes in the future.