Starting with Food

Introducing Odour

Is your dog ready for odour? (JS)

Teaching Methods

One method of pairing food with odour (H.F.) (just an FYI, this is NOT how we do it at L2P but it has been successful for some people)

Using a Clicker in Nosework

Handling Odour (MS)

Making Odour Important (That’s My Box! Game) (MS)

Rewarding at Source (MS)

Games for Teaching the Dog to Stay at Source

Source It! (MS)

Better than a Cookie (MS–IYC with odour)

You Can’t Fool Me (MS)

Easy Choice (MS)

I’m Staying Here (MS)

Easy Attractions and Distractions (MS)

Scent Theory / Air Movement

Videos of Air Flow (NACSW)

Area Search Scent Demo (MS)

Showing Airflow with a Smoke Match–why dogs get confused (MS)

Scent Falling from an Overhang (unknown)

Dog’s Sense of Smell (from a PBS Nova Program)

How Scent and Airflow Work (specifically for SAR but relevant)

Handbook of Canine Olfaction (really in-depth geek out–I LOVED it)


How to Introduce Additional Odours (Andrew)

Training Multiple Hides (Andrew)



Thresholds–2 (J.Symons)

Running Bunny (vehicles)

Problem Solving

How to Keep Dogs from Scratching at Source) (Andrew)

Training for Distractions (Andrew)

Trial / Competition Information

Example of Trial Elements and Requirements (UKC)

Differences in Requirements between Organizations (in process)

United Kennel Club (UKC)

Sporting Dog Detection Association (SDDA–Canada)

Canine Work and Games (C-WAGS)

National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW–US only)