A recall when you need it the most….emergency recall

Imagine having a dog that came running each and every time you called! Imagine not having to worry about calling your dog off deer or away from the highway. Need to leave the dog park? Just call, your dog will come. Unbelieveable? Nope, it IS possible.

Here’s what Penny’s owner had to say:

“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?… I decided to put my (almost) 2 year old female Wheaten into a Love 2 Play’s recall class.  Before the class, she did well in a controlled environment but the minute she was outside and out of my reach the ‘come-chase me’ game was on. After the second class, we faced the ultimate challenge… We were visiting at a home with a yard that wasn’t fenced, beside a lake filled with geese and ducks. Penny got out the door and bolted for the beach, upsetting a gaggle of geese. Once they had flown out of range, she spied some ducks further down the beach and on her way to the ducks, she passed by a dead carp on the sand. She picked it up… I called her name… She hesitated and looked at me–dead fish drooping down either side of her beard. She slowly put the fish down, still looking at me. I assumed the ‘chase me’ recall position. She came at me at a full gallop–all the way down the beach, up the lawn, and into a big fun ‘chase-Mom’ game.

She CAME!!!!!! through the geese, ducks and without the fish!!!!

We can’t guarantee that you will have a 100% recall at the end of this class, but if you do the homework your recall will be 100% better than it is now!!!!!

6 week class (first week is without the dogs)

Each class approximately 1 hour

Maximum 5 students in a class.    $200 plus tax

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