zany but zen


Does your dog over-react to other dogs or people?

Does your dog bark to keep them away? Is your dog super excited to see people or dogs?   Does your dog hide or lunge at new people or dogs? Does your dog have trouble paying attention in new situations?


We think the BEST program out there is The Naughty but Nice Bootcamp from Absolute Dogs

Our ZANY BUT ZEN class is based on this bootcamp and is a combination of online and in person.   This allows you and your dog to learn in the safety and comfort of your own home and THEN practice with knowledgeable people who understand how hard it is.   As always, we also offer private lessons for dogs and people who prefer this.

The goal of this class is to give YOU more tools to help your dog cope with many challenging environments. Students in this class work with their dogs individually. The purpose of this class is NOT to see if the dogs will interact socially.

Using Click to Calm, Naughty but Nice, Control Unleashed and Behaviour Adjustment Training methodologies, we teach the dogs to trust their people to make the right decisions for them in highly stressful situations. As the dogs become more and more successful, their underlying feelings start to change, and they begin to make more appropriate decisions on their own. They learn how to keep themselves safe by the tools and structure that their people provide.

Students need to have a thinking dog at the end of their leash instead of a reactive one. If the dog is thinking then another behaviour can be inserted in place of the reactive one.

Instructors have worked with numerous fearful and reactive dogs and most of us have over aroused or fearful dogs in our family, which we manage on a daily basis.

 This group class may not be appropriate for every dog; private instruction (ONLINE) may be necessary to help some dogs with their behaviour.

I have a dog that is reactive to both dogs and people, which makes training very challenging. Through Jeanne, we have progressed from reactive classes to agility and intermediate obedience. Being able to access classes where she and I can safely practice around well-behaved dogs and their understanding handlers at our own pace has been so valuable for us. My dog  is always excited to come to class! I love that I am always encouraged to be my dog’s advocate and speak up if there is a situation or environment that is not working for us.


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