We offer a wide variety of classes...

You can begin with Puppy Start Right or Obedience Start Right. Then the possibilities are endless... Intermediate, Dancing with dogs, Agility, K9 NoseWork, almost anything you can think of.


Manners / Obedience:

Puppy Start Right / Obedience Start Right --start anytime, contact us

Obedience Start Right (6 week teaser track)--under way, starts again Sunday January 12 in Nelson

Intermediate--under way, starts again Sunday, January 12 in Nelson

Recall--under way, starts again Sunday, January 12 in Nelson

Beyond the Backyard / Outdoor Adventures--contact us

Rally / Competitive Obedience--under way, starts again Saturday, January 18 in Nelsn


Basic Recreational Agility--done for the season......contact us re: next spring

        Building Blocks for Agility--underway, starts again Sunday, January 19 in Crescent Valley

Jump class / Weaves / Advanced agility--contact us

Drop in class (no instruction)--continuing


Intro to K9 Nose Work--starts again in January

Intro to Odour / continuing nosework--starts again in January

Drop in Continuing Nosework--continues Wednesday and Saturday mornings

Tricks / Dancing with Dogs:

Starts again  in January.   There is also an online option that began November 15