Give your puppy its best start.

Yup, your young puppy has a short attention span but her capacity to learn is huge….greater than at any other time in her life. Your puppy is learning 24 / 7.    Is she learning what you want her to learn?????

Start training early and you can help your puppy learn what YOU,  want.

PREVENT problems rather than trying to fix them later.

Puppy FUNdamentals (designed to meet the social and emotional needs of pups 8 – 16 weeks old when they start)


We also offer a SELF STUDY Puppy Class with the SAME Curriculum as our ‘regular’ class AND 6 weeks long

$50 for self study including biweekly zoom Q and A (Saturday evenings, preregistration required); $100 for self study / zoom plus limited email support for 6 weeks; $150 for self study /zoom plus 1 30 minute private lesson at Love 2 Play

(all prices include tax)


Puppies learn to remain in their crates and come to owners, even when other puppies are around.

Improper or incomplete experience of the world and experience with novelty between 3 and 16 weeks can increase the risk of behaviour problems later. And yet, your puppy is NOT safe to go out and socialize just ‘anywhere’ until its second vaccinations at 12 or 13 weeks.

We all know about the importance of “socialization”–but what is meant is NOT exposure to dogs but rather successful, happy experiences with a variety of sounds, surfaces, sizes of people, other animals AND the ability to walk past people and dogs….basically everything the dog will experience later in its life.

We offer SAFE indoor puppy classes for puppies age 8 – 16 weeks who are healthy and have had their first set of vaccinations and have a health certificate signed by your vet. Everything possible is done to minimize the risk of disease while puppies benefit from exposure to:

  • different people
  • new experiences, surfaces, sounds objects
  • strategies for making vet visits stress free

In our classes, owners learn about:

  • house training, chewing, nipping, crates, socialization, preventing problems before they start

We will work with you and your new pup on:

  • name recognition, crate games, leash training, jumping up, playing, calm for everything, handling for the vet and more.

This class gives you and your puppy a great start to a life together before beginning more formal training in obedience start right.   Puppy FUNdamentals is geared to meet the emotional and social needs of puppies 8 – 16 weeks.

Article on puppy socialization

What students have said about this class:

“Yesterday we did a meet and greet with a new vet. I wanted to share with you an amazing compliment I received from her. She wanted to send a wonderful Thank You! to you for the amazing training you provide puppies. My puppy was just a gem for her. She was much more relaxed [than she had been before]. She allowed the vet to check her ears, feet, pretty much touch her everywhere and B. did not even flinch. She kept her chin resting in my hand. Thank you Love 2 Play.”

We advise starting early and continuing until 16 weeks.

Our training professionals can suggest the package that is right for your puppy.

Puppies must have their first set of shots to begin.

Pre-registration is mandatory.

We take all precautions to minimize risk to partially vaccinated puppies, but if you prefer, Love 2 Play also offers private IN HOME training for young puppies (8 – 16 weeks) at very reasonable prices

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