Start right, have FUN, and build a great relationship with your dog

If your new dog or new puppy has had its second set of vaccinations, this is the place to start.   However, if your puppy is under  5 months, we STRONGLY recommend starting in Puppy FUNdamentals which is designed to meet the social and emotional needs of puppies.

We teach you and your dog to work together and communicate.

We start with the basic foundations of attention, calm and focus.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dog that watched you and stayed close, even in distraction?  THAT is the goal of this course.

We teach you so that you and your dog will have a lifelong system of communication.

Your dog CAN LEARN to disengage from distractions.

What your dog will learn:

  • to stay close to you
    to control himself or herself
    to disengage from dogs/people/squirrels (!!!)
  • to come when called and walk on leash

Wouldn’t it be nice to have:

a dog that will chill while you eat dinner or visit with a friend
a dog that will come the first time, everytime
a dog that will walk WITH you
a dog that will ask instead of grabbing things
a dog that will ‘listen’

     IN PERSON (Crescent Valley or Nelson) or LIVE ONLINE–the choice is YOURS!

NONE of us learn well when our dogs are present and we are trying to listen AND perform AND remember.    It’s frustrating for all the learners (dog and human).   It’s just NOT good teaching practice.

This is why LIVE ONLINE classes work so well.   

But it may not be for YOU so we still offer in person classes!

What will your pup learn in Lifeskill FUNdamentals?
  • Boundary Games (“Place”)
  • Orienting to you when there are distractions
  • Disengaging from distractions
  • Learning to be calm (and learning to be excited and then calm)
  • Creating focus and attention on you
  • Self Control
  • Loose leash walking
  • Off leash freedom

We want you to have a dog that has self control, wants to pay attention to you, and responds to you. And we want you to learn to create behaviours you want. Our goal is for you to be able to teach your dog whatever you want in the future.

Graduates of Lifeskills and Basic Manners classes are ready to participate in many our other classes.

Our pup now lies on a mat while we eat dinner and we are teaching her to stay on her mat when people come to visit. The Love 2 Play instructor showed us how to teach her in a step by step way that was easy for her to understand and for us to follow. Great training! Thanks Love 2 Play!


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