the backyard 

Does your dog ‘listen’ in the house but not when there are distractions?

In this class we assume that your dog can come, sit, walk on a leash, in quiet, without distractions.


we teach you how to control your dog when you are:

  • away from home
  • off leash
  • in the presence of tempting alternatives and distractions

We teach you what to do in the real world and in real life situations–when guests come to the door, during picnics in the park, when a cat darts across the road, when off leash in parks or on walks

The curriculum for this class is Denise Fenzi’s Beyond the Backyard: Train your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere (used with permission)

Come and have fun….we incorporate games, movement and laughter. Your dog learns that all those ‘distractions’ are just opportunities for him to show you that he DOES know his stuff…you can’t fool HIM (or HER)!

Prerequisites: Intermediate or permission of instructor

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