We offer a wide variety of classes…

You can begin with Puppy Class or Lifeskill Class. Then the possibilities are endless… Intermediate, Tricks, Hoopers, Tricks,  Agility, K9 NoseWork, almost anything you can think of.

We try to offer lots of options because too many people are tired of:

8 dogs in a class

feeling like they can’t keep up

not getting enough individual attention

busy lives and no time to practice

We will do our best to make it work for you with our in person / online / recorded options.

(these options may not be available with all instructors)


Our online classes help it work for you.  If you can’t make YOUR class, you can always watch the recorded session.   If there are two groups online,  you are welcome to come to the other class OR ask if someone can switch with you.  These schedule-friendly, ongoing group lessons, focusing on basic pet manners.    AND, once you’ve done all the lessons, you can even pop into a class just to get a refresher if there is room!

Online classes are open to all dogs, regardless of vaccination status or abilty to be around other dogs.  

How does it work?

These classes are taught with games that target certain concepts the dogs may struggle with (eg. disengagement from other dogs/people/the environment, self control, focus on you).  Practice 3 minutes a day and watch exponential growth happen.  Because we are teaching with games, it is fun for dogs AND humans.   There is usually a LOT of laughter in this class.
We make dog training FUN.

AND like with all Love 2 Play classes, when you complete the class, you get an automatic discount towards your next class.


I love the flexibility of Love 2 Play’s  Classes. I work shifts and sometimes can’t make 6 weeks at the same time. If I can’t make a class because I’ve picked up a shift,  Jeanne makes it so I can watch the recording.  Then I can book a short private and still have Jeanne’s professional eyes on me.   And if I can’t even do that, I can watch the recording and send Jeanne videos and questions. Wonderful concept! Thank you for making it possible for my pup and I to take classes. Love this concept! Love these classes!


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