We offer a wide variety of classes…

You can begin with Puppy Start Right or Obedience Start Right. Then the possibilities are endless… Intermediate, Dancing with dogs, Agility, K9 NoseWork, almost anything you can think of.

Tired of:

8 dogs in a class?

can’t keep up?

not enough individual attention?

life too busy, can’t commit to weeks of classes?

waiting for the next ‘set’ of classes to begin?

Then our Obedience Start Right Course perfect for you.

” I love the flexibility of Love 2 Play’s Obedience Start Right Classes. I work shifts and can’t make 6 weeks at the same time. Sometimes I can come days, sometimes evenings and, with the online schedule, if I pick up an extra shift, I can cancel at the last minute. Wonderful concept! Thank you for making it possible for my pup and I to take classes. Love this concept! Love these classes! “

Unlike other training programs, Love 2 Play’s Start Right program offers many choices during a typical week, all for one low price.  Our Start Right courses are schedule-friendly, ongoing group lessons, focusing on basic pet manners.   Come as many times in a week as you want while you are in the program.   AND, you can even pop into a class just to practice for free!

  • start as soon as possible (after attending a How Dogs Learn seminar)
  • get lots of individual attention in the group class (maximum of 4 dogs)
  • work around your own schedule (you buy a pass for 10 lessons, good for 12 weeks–that can be 10 weeks or do it all in 3 weeks, your choice)
  • take as many lessons as you want in a week to REALLY jump start your training
  • our expectation is that you will come at least once a week
  • progress at your own rate

Open to younger dogs who meet minimum vaccination requirements and are at least 16 weeks.   GREAT refresher for older dogs.  You start  by attending a free How Dogs Learn seminar

How does it work?

Each behaviour has specific criteria, increasing in difficulty and distraction as you progress.  Often you will get almost 1-1 instruction which helps you to move more quickly.  Fast learners are not held back and slower ones can take their time.  AND, if you have additional time, you can take as many lessons a week as you want OR come and practice for free.  As you and your dog meet the criteria for one level of behaviour, you move on to the next.  As with all Love 2 Play classes, the Start Right Course features positive reinforcement and precision marking.

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