agility & Hoopers



Looking to have fun and exercise with your dog

or do you have lofty goals of competition?

the choice is yours

HOOPERS is a no-impact sport that’s all the fun of agility

Agility has been a fast growing sport and many people have seen it on TV.  However, for it to be safe for dogs, it can take a lot of foundational training.

Hoopers has all the fun of agility without the impact.   Learning to follow cues at a distance is the name of the game as the dogs run at speed through hoops and go around barrels.   (Never heard of it?  Here is a video from the 2016 Championships in the Netherlands)

Interested in these sports?   We offer our Foundations to sports classes…where we work on self control, body awareness and introduce SOME equipment. Easy on the body, a ton of fun, and offered year round.

As with most of our classes, you have a choice of in person or online!

We recommend Hoopers for ALL dogs, from puppies to seniors and even retired agility dogs. Love 2 Play offers everything in hoopers from teaching dogs to be aware of their bodies and learning the equipment through to competitive hoopers.   But mostly we all just want to play and have fun with our dogs and watch them having fun running fast!.

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