"How Dogs Learn" Seminars
Saturday November 30 and Sunday January 5Flexible class times in Crescent Valley all year longClasses in Nelson have begun and will start again in January HOWEVERclasses in Crescent Valley are ongoing....start anytime.

Lots of options–basic, intermediate, ‘come when called’, tricks, sniffer dogs, rally, obedience challenge, musical freestyle, etc. Register now to secure your spot.

Kim Collins Jump Clinic May 1,2,3, 2020

60% of obstacles on course are jumps Come find out how to teach your dog to follow lines, get more distance, and prevent damage to  their body Tali-Ho Stable, Krestova  (between Nelson and Castlegar) Dry camping on site.     Working spaces very limited.  Register now. May_2020_Jump_Clinic