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We can help you and your dog enjoy each other again.

Group classes or private training, live online or in person, we teach just about everything. 

And always, always in small classes so you get the individual attention you deserve.

Lots of choices, lots of possibilities, lots of fun…lots of play, because we Love 2 Play.

About Jeanne

I have been training my dogs and helping other people with their dogs for over 22 years.  Love 2 Play grew out of demands from my friends to pass on the knowledge I was gaining by attending workshops.  The world of dog training has changed significantly in the past decade and I travel to numerous multi-day seminars each year in order to keep abreast of improvements in training methods in obedience, agility and behaviour.   Initially it was for my own benefit training my dogs, but now I attend seminars in order to bring to my doggie classroom successful training methods based on science. 

My certifications include:

My passion is helping people and watching dogs and people learn together, as relationships blossom.

I am a judge with the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience and have sat on the Board of Directors for the past 10 years.

I am also an agility and scentwork judge for a number of organizations.

I am an Evaluator for the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

My own dogs compete in all the sports and 3 of them have been certified Therapy Dogs.

My dogs teach me everyday how to be humble with my human brain and body and my extremely fearful dog has taught me to better teach people with fearful dogs.

My students teach me how to be an even better instructor.

In my ‘other’ life, I was a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing and also taught at UBC in the masters program educating potential teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing.  My dog students benefit because my teacher training background has made me adept at breaking down concepts and individualizing instruction.

About Julia

Julia loves helping people and their dogs find joy in training, solve behaviour challenges and thrive together. 

She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, graduated with honours from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behaviour and is a KPA Certified Training Partner.

She has been training dogs professionally for over 10 years and is committed to ongoing education. Some of her additional certifications include:

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor 

ProDog Trainer with Absolute Dogs

Aggression in Dogs Master Course

Family Paws Licensed Presenter

Julia lives on a small farm in Nelson, BC with her husband, two daughters and their border collie, Ember.


Continuing Education


Animal Training / Dog Behaviour

  • Certification by the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants

Animal Training / Dog Behaviour

  • Clicker Expo (3 day conference plus trip to Guide Dogs for the Blind)
  • Five Go to Sea Animal Training Cruise (with K. Ramirez, A Kurland, K. Laurence, J. Rosales-Ruiz)

Agility / Obedience / Nosework

  • Hannah Branigan Obedience (Fenzi Academy)
  • Engagement (Fenzi Academy)
  • Advanced Nosework (Fenzi Academy)
  • Certification as a K9 NoseWork Instructor
  • Intro to K9NW with Jill Marie
  • Pawsitive Steps Online Agility Programs
  • Pawsitive Steps Agility Camp
  • CARO judges’ seminar
  • AAC judges’ seminar
2013 – 2014

Animal Training/Dog Behaviour

  • Clicker Expo (3 day conference)
  • Online Recall Course with Susan Garrett (5 years)
  • Participant in Susan Garrett’s Inner Circle (3 years)
  • Chicken Camp (Targeting and Discrimination) with Terry Ryan
  • Hosted Karen Pryor Academy
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference (5 days)
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training with Grisha Stewart (2 day seminar)
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor’s Course (Grisha Stewart)
  • Kay Laurence Dog Training Seminar (5 Days)
  • Empowered Puppies (Fenzi Academy / Ahimsa Dog Training)

Agility / Obedience

  • Pawsitive Steps Summer Agility Camp, Novice Dogs
  • Pawsitive Steps Summer Agility Camp, Masters Dogs
  • Pawsitive Steps Agility Outreach
  • Pawsitive Steps Online Programs
  • Roseanne DeMasio Agility Seminar
  • Working with Sports Dogs (Erin Cook)
  • CARO judges seminar (every year)


  • Online Nosework courses (Denise Fenzi)
  • Nosework Instructor’s Course (Andrew Ramsey)
  • Andrew Ramsey Nosework Seminar
  • NACSW Nosework Camp
2001 – 2012

Agility / Obedience seminars:

  • Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behaviour
  • Susan Garrett (multiple, multi-day seminars)
  • Building Motivation and Drive for all Sports (Denise Fenzi)
  • Jane Simmons Moake
  • Stuart Mah and Patti Hatfield
  • Jen Pinder
  • Terry Simons (2)
  • Barb Davis (2)
  • Stacy Peardot Goudy (2)
  • Theresa Rector (2)
  • Puppy Foundations Skills (Theresa Rector, Shannon Mercer)
  • Susan Salo Foundation Jumping (2)
  • Pawsitive Steps Agility Outreach – 9 years
  • Pawsitive Steps Agility Summer Puppy Camp–5 years
  • Pawsitive Steps Agility Masters Camp–5 years
  • Pawsitive Steps Winter Agility Camp
  • Say Yes to Contact Success (Susan Garrett)
  • Janice Gunn Obedience Seminar
  • Online agility seminar with Greg Derrett
  • CARO Judges’ Seminar (2)

Animal Training / Behaviour

  • Clicker Expo (3 day animal training conference)–3 years
  • Advanced Animal Training Course at Shedd Aquarium with Ken Ramirez
  • Dog Aggression, Dr. Sophia Yin
  • Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (2 day conference)
  • Kathy Sdao “The Art and Science of Clicker Training” (basic and advanced level)
  • Sue Ailsby –basic and advanced seminars
  • Jean Donaldson
  • Relaxed and Ready: Go for It! (based on Control Unleashed)–twice
  • Online Puppy Training with Susan Garrett
  • Online Recall Seminar with Susan Garrett
  • Online Shaping Course with Susan Garrett
  • Online Seminar with Pamela Dennison “Living in a Multi-Dog Household”

Tracking Seminar

CARO judges’ clinic

AAC judges’ clinic

Our Certifications