I want to encourage my puppy to problem-solve

My dog is very shy and fearful, I want to help her overcome this.

My dog is hyper. I'd like her to settle down when I ask her to.

Training doesn't limit a dog. Training frees a dog.

Sue Ailsby

 Dog training in Nelson area and the Slocan Valley has never been so much fun!   Dog obedience in the West Kootenays is more than just good dog manners--it's games, laughter and teamwork.  We can help you discover the opportunities possible with your canine companion; from basic manners for pet dogs, to sports (agility, nosework, obedience), to plain old tricks and fun.  On occasion, we also offer classes in Castlegar, Rossland, Salmo and Harrop.

We can help you and your dog enjoy each other again.

Group classes or private training, we teach just about everything.  And always, always in small classes so you get the individual attention you deserve.

Lots of choices, lots of possibilities, lots of fun...lots of play, because we Love 2 Play.

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Dog Training

A well mannered dog can:

Go anywhere and meet anyone

Get along with other dogs

Be calm in all situations

Be fun to hang out with

BUT sometimes dogs behave in (natural doggie) ways that make them less than enjoyable to us humans…..

Do any of these sound like YOUR dog?   We have solutions!

Chewing or eating everything in sight--try Puppy Start Right

Barking, nipping, pulling when greeting everything--check out Obedience Start Right

Pulling on the leash making walks hard--try our Loose Leash Walking class

Jumping up on people--you need Super Excited to Super Cool

Not coming when called--Emergency Recall is for you

“Too crazy” to take out in public or even just to hang out with--Frantically Calm will help a lot

Has bad manners that make you a little ashamed of his behaviour and your lack of control

We can help!

Dog Sports

Looking for something FUN to do with your dog?

We offer:


Tricks Classes

K9 Nosework

Dancing with Dogs

Rally Obedience

Traditional Obedience


We can help you get ready for the Canine Good Neighbour test or help your dog become a Therapy Dog and provide comfort to people in facilities.

We can help with that too!

Our Team

A Certified Training Partner and Behaviour Adjustment Instructor (CBATI), and Dog Behavior Consultant (Associate). Certified as a Nosework Instructor with the National Association of Canine ScentWork (NACSW).
Jeanne Shaw
Owner and Trainer
Karen is a graduate and a Certified Training Partner with Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behaviour.
Karen Epp

News / Upcoming Events

April 25 and 26

April 25 4 Rounds working level Excellent and Versatility April 26 “Regular Rally”–2 rounds of each