The next 'How Dogs Learn' seminars will be
February 25th in Crescent Valley and March 3 in Nelson
  • (relationship building and impulse control)
The criteria for this level include:
No mugging (doggie zen) – your dog will choose to stay away from treats in your open hand
Crate training – your dog will choose to enter the crate and remain inside, with the door open
Mat training – your dog will choose to go to a mat from a distance of 3 feet
Name recognition – your dog will look towards you when you call his/her name
Leash Manners – your dog will begin to walk on a loose leash
Eye Contact – your dog will choose to look at your eyes
Sits/Downs – your dog will choose to sit and lie down
Target training – your dog will deliberately touch his/her nose to your hand
Clicker training – you will learn when to click and how to deliver a food reward to effectively reinforce correct behaviour

Start Right and build a great relationship with your dog

Our pup now lies on a mat while we eat dinner and we are teaching her to stay on her mat when people come to visit.  Jeanne's training showed us how to teach her in a step by step way that was easy for her to understand and for us to follow.  Great training!  Thanks Jeanne!

  • Classes in Nelson begin again in March
  • Classes in Crescent Valley are ongoing

If your new dog or new puppy has had its second set of vaccinations, this is the place to start.   However, if your puppy is under 16 weeks, we STRONGLY recommend starting in Puppy Start Right which is designed to meet the needs of young puppies.

We teach YOU to 'lead the dance' and your new canine companion to follow.

We start with Dr. Sophia Yin's program for developing leadership in humans and impulse control in dogs.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a dog that seemed to think 'I SHOULD be good'?  THAT is the goal of this course.

We teach you so that you and your dog will have a lifelong system of communication.

What your dog will learn:

Then we move on to 'real obedience'.   Wouldn't it be nice to have:

  • a dog that will chill while you eat dinner or visit with a friend
  • a dog that will come the first time, everytime
  • a dog that will walk WITH you
  • a dog that will ask permission instead of grabbing things
  • a dog that will 'listen'

Start Right lessons may be taken in a linear fashion (same day and time for six weeks) or in a flexible modular fashion where you pick the days and times that work for you (Crescent Valley only). We recommend you come at least once a week.

Your Start Right Course includes:

  • Our "How Dogs Learn" seminar $20 value) PLUS
  • 10 Start Right lessons, that can be taken when you want--once a week or several times a week or a mixture, whatever works for YOU (flexible schedule only available in Crescent Valley)

No waiting for the next 'session of classes' to start - just pick an orientation or lesson that fits your schedule.

  • ALL students must attend a How Dogs Learn seminar before starting Obedience Start Right.
  • You will learn a bit about how animals learn and what 'training' is all about. 
  • You have an opportunity to practice the mechanics of marker based training and to discover its fun!  
  • Smiles and laughter are the hallmark of this two hour, one-time, people-only class.  All family members are welcome to attend. 
  • Orientations are scheduled on a regular basis.

We want you to have a dog that has self control, wants to pay attention to you, and responds to you.  And we want you to learn to use positive reinforcement to create behaviours you want.  Our goal is for you to be able to teach your dog whatever you want in the future. 

You can come to class just once a week, like a regular program or you can come more often, whatever fits your schedule and lifestyle.  You work at your own pace within the group class with lots of individual attention from an instructor. We recommend that you come at least once a week for training consistency with your dog.

Graduates of the Start Right Program are ready to participate in many our other classes.

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